Why do you need Securitee?

With Securitee,
you are taking the right security measures in order to protect your business from data leakage. Start protecting your business.


Nowdays, 76% of companies are facing data security challenges.
Any uncontrolled external
device may pose the risk for
all your documents, databases
and customer data.
Are you willing to gamble?

Is your confidential data at risk?



Increase data security

Your confidential documents may be at risk when employees use external devices to copy data. Secure all data transfers by monitoring every step of every user, on every workstation.

Easy access to numbers

Get complete detailed reports and magic numbers, including your top users at copying files. Identify suspect copying activity and
alarm when predefined criteria are met.

Keep full track

Easy monitor and spot sensitive activities. Record all files and documents transferred to peripherals and also, keep a record of program deletion attempts and unauthorized uninstall attempts.

Manage it all

Block and monitor all data transfer within your company, including any hack attempts. All you have to do is to block selectively when needed and stay in control. And don't forget to set and get instant alarms.





Block when needed

Eliminate data security risks by blocking
copying access on untrusted workstations. It is that simple, just log activity by authorizing or blocking actions.

Secure data transfer

Control each device used for data transfer in order to secure all actions, even spot malicious devices or unauthorized copying activities.

Control data security today